How to recover VAT in the manufacturing industry

We will show you how to recover VAT in the manufacturing industry using sample business transactions. You will learn about the tax pitfalls you may encounter and become able to identify potential risk areas.

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Who are the intended participants?

  • Tax experts.
  • Accounting department staff.
  • Internal audit and controlling staff.
  • Everyone who is eager to better understand corporate income tax issues (including specific issues regarding investment incentives) and obtain practical experience.


  • Trading with goods within the EU.
  • Supplying goods to the EU – exemption terms.
  • Special regimes.
    • Three-party and chain transactions.
    • Consignment stocks.
  • Trading with third countries.
  • Indirect exports.
  • Custom regimes.
  • Supply of tooling.
  • Provision of discounts, bonuses and compensations.
  • Damage and shortages.
  • Issuing tax documents.
    • Self-billing.
    • E-invoicing.


You will:

  • Better understand selected aspects of corporate income tax and VAT in the manufacturing industry, thanks to an interactive form of training and practical demonstrations of issues.
  • Learn how to apply provisions of the Income Taxes Act in practice.
  • Get a grasp of potential risk factors as regards VAT in the manufacturing industry.
  • Be able to identify the risks in the VAT area resulting from the existing configuration of transactions carried out by your company.
  • Learn about the practical experience of our tax advisor-instructors regarding the application of the Income Taxes Act and the VAT Act in terms of corporate taxation in the manufacturing industry.

How to recover VAT in the manufacturing industry

Course fee: 5 900,- CZK ex. VAT
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