Time management – how to get time on your team

We all should know our time management abilities and attitudes. Today, it’s so easy to procrastinate, to mismanage one’s time and to misunderstand one’s needs. The workshop aims to introduce and apply into practice modern time management tools to improve the fine balance between private and working time.

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Who are the intended participants

  • All who struggle to manage their time and what to do something about it. 


  • Does the brain have a centre dedicated to the perception of time?
  • The power of the subconscious in regards to time
  • Modern perceptions of time and its needs
  • What place does my awareness of myself, my purpose, my values, my vision have in time management?
  • How do I perceive time and why?
  • Procrastination and how to conquer it
  • Point of proactivity-how to recognise and take advantage of it
  • Priority and posteriority


  • Real tools for the work with one’s personal time management
  • Principles of time management based on psychological processes and their practical application
  • Real knowledge and skills that can be applied in one’s working and personal life
  • Concrete developmental goals

Time management – how to get time on your team

Course fee: agreed on an individual basis
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