Ing. Lenka Nováková, MBA

Lenka has over 13 years of professional experience with the global mobility, shadow payroll services for the foreign employees being assigned to the Czech Republic and human resources services. She has a detailed knowledge of the Czech personal income tax, social security and health insurance. Lenka provides day to day consultancy services to multinational companies from various industries operating in the Czech Republic and Czech companies expanding abroad in the field of Czech and international tax issues.

Currently scheduled training courses
Dealing with investment related taxes
Dealing with investment related taxes

26. 1. 2022 (3 500,- CZK)
This training course will help you grasp the complex issue of securities income taxation. We will focus on the types of investments most common among private persons from a tax point of view. We will deal not only with the simple ownership of securities but also with aspects of investment instrument trading. Practical examples from the investment world form an integral part of this course.
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