What is the KPMG Business Institute?

The KPMG Business Institute is a continuing education institute which offers to its clients a varied scope of courses and training session which mainly focus on financial management, accounting and taxes, human resources and project management as well as soft managerial skills.
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What can we offer you?

Our courses and training seminars are intended for all who want to increase their professional knowledge, find new solutions, expand their horizons and gain new professional contacts.


  • Public training sessions – standard courses whose form, content and method of instruction have been set beforehand.
  • Tailor-made trainings – training sessions prepared especially to fit your needs and requirements.
  • Quality advisory services – practical solutions in human resources training and development, linked with your line of business:
    • diagnostics of continuing professional education programs;
    • quality improvements of internal training systems through the development and coaching of internal trainers;
    • support for the internal communication of educational and training activities within a company, including changes and their effects;
    • cooperation in the creation of strategic, conceptual and methodical documents on continuing education;
    • configuration of a company’s development and training structure;
    • evaluation of individual training and developmental activities or of a complete educational system.

What will you gain from us?

Our goal is to create an educational platform to allow users to share their unique knowledge and experience which can help your company attain better results. By training with us, you will:

Raise the value of your company

Our interactive and unconventional approach to continuing education for your talented and ambitious employees will allow for fast and sustainable growth.

Gain knowledge

We offer a high level of technical knowledge in a given field, sector or topic and practical demonstrations of approaches with the help of case studies. receive continuing professional education in an entertaining and interactive way All topics including the most complex ones are presented in a creative, innovative and entertaining way with the active participation of the attendees. build up a network of contacts Participants get the chance to create new or strengthen existing contacts and discuss issues with experts in a given field. have the opportunity to learn from experienced experts. Our trainers have been conducting intensive and sophisticated educational programmes for many significant companies in the Czech Republic for an impressive number of years.

CPD Points

All training programs offered by the KPMG Business Institute are part of the continuing education system for ACCA members.

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Our vision

Creatively, we want to provide top professional education under the leadership of experienced specialists to help businesses in the Czech Republic best use their market potential.

Our goal

  • We want to impart our clients with standard or tailor-made professional training in a creative and innovative way.
  • We want to create and maintain fully-fledged relationships with you, our clients, as well as among your peers.

Who trains with us?