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Join us to familiarise yourselves with ESG (environmental, social, governance) and sustainability, be prepared for new requirements, and discover the opportunities ESG can bring. Do you want to understand and make sense of ESG disclosures? Are you getting lost in emerging or changing ESG regulations? Are you or will you be in charge of non-financial reporting? We have prepared comprehensive training courses just for you to help you explore this topic. The trainings are delivered in a practical manner by subject-matter experts.

Who are the intended participants?

  • Employees responsible for sustainability and ESG management
  • Persons responsible for financial and non-financial reporting and investor relations
  • Persons responsible for risk management, internal audit, and compliance
  • Employees across company divisions/departments who are or want to be involved in ESG and sustainability
  • Senior management

During the training you will:

  • gain a comprehensive overview of ESG and sustainability; understand the terminology
  • become familiar with European sustainability and ESG regulations
  • get a detailed overview of new and upcoming changes in non-financial reporting and monitoring of business/individual sustainability performance
  • know the new requirements for non-financial reporting (sustainability/ESG reporting)
  • find out what obligations your company's management will have to comply with
  • gain an overview of the potential environmental and social impacts of your company's activities and how to measure them
  • come to know what requirements will apply to your supply chain or what you will need to require.

Programme structure

1.  ESG: Comprehensive Overview 
Do you need to quickly find your way and gain insights into ESG? Cross-cutting courses in different areas will give you comprehensive insight into ESG issues and help you come to grips with basic concepts and legal obligations.

  • Introduction to ESG and regulations
  • Reporting
  • ​Climate change and risks from a regulatory perspective

2.  ESG Topics in Detail
In the follow-up module, we will go into more depth on selected individual topics and practical procedures, providing you with comprehensive insight and knowledge to help you make decisions and implement them in your company.

  • CSRD requirements, ESRS and how to work with them
  • EU taxonomy
  • Supply chain and ESG

​3.  Sector Topics
Basic introduction to ESG for specific sectors

  • ESG for financial and banking institutions and insurance companies


ESG: Comprehensive Overview module (3 courses), price: CZK 15 000 excl. VAT.
ESG Topics in Detail module (3 courses), price: CZK 22 500 excl. VAT.

Upon completion of the courses, you will receive a KPMG certificate.
Each course can be taken and certified separately. Prices are listed for each course.


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