CHRPA sociální firma Slezské diakonie o.p.s., Petr Světlík

Financial risk management for social enterprises: Since attending your training course, we have started reorganising the firm’s entire operation. We hired an accountant and started reviewing everything from the ground up and putting everything in order. Previously, we only used an external accountant. We now calculate expenses and revenues, and allocate costs to individual products. We monitor how long it takes to manufacture each product, etc. We are reorganising work procedures and so forth. I know, six years after the firm’s establishment, it may seem a bit late, but it was your course that finally opened my eyes. What’s more, we managed to obtain three new customers.

Petr Světlík

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group, Hynek Vodička

Be an Insurance Company CEO for a Day: An elaborate game that is excellent for gaining experience in making decisions on an insurance company’s strategy, including the ensuing financial result. I recommend playing this game with sales people and agents, too. It’s a pity that it only covers non-life insurance. I recommend expanding the game to include other insurance companies as well.

Hynek Vodička
Audit Committee – independent member

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