PointPark Properties s.r.o., Lenka Mičianiková, Group Reporting Manager

The financial departments of the P3 Parks Group together participated in a one-day training course on current and deferred tax at the KPMG Business Institute. The focus of the course was to provide participants with an overview of typical items that influence an entity’s tax base, their effect on local deferred tax, and the effective use of tax rates to assess the accurate calculation of tax. Practical examples provided participants with the opportunity to test their newly-acquired understanding. Selected transaction types were then examined further in view of the different legislative approaches in the individual countries in which the P3 Parks Group is active. The expectation was that this training course would provide solid knowledge on deferred tax to the country representatives as well improve the quality of internal tax reporting processes. The training course certainly fulfilled our expectations.

Lenka Mičianiková
Group Reporting Manager

Advanced World Transport a.s., Tomáš Král, finanční ředitel

In brief: maximum satisfaction with both the scope and the presentation and all explanations.

Tomáš Král

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