Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group, Hynek Vodička, výbor pro audit - nezávislý člen

Be an Insurance Company CEO for a Day: An elaborate game that is excellent for gaining experience in making decisions on an insurance company’s strategy, including the ensuing financial result. I recommend playing this game with sales people and agents, too. It’s a pity that it only covers non-life insurance. I recommend expanding the game to include other insurance companies as well.

Hynek Vodička
Audit Committee – independent member

CHRPA sociální firma Slezské diakonie o.p.s., Petr Světlík, ředitel

Mentoring programme for social enterprices: Many thanks to KPMG for the mentoring experience. I found it immensely beneficial. Analysing our firm in such a pleasant company of mentors was a real experience. Both mentors (H. Pleskačová) were very pleasant and at the same time honest and able to communicate negative things (which is very important for me) while also being able to appreciate things that are positive. There’s nothing better than being able to discuss your firm’s issues with an unbiased professional who provides you with a completely independent view of your problem or concern and advises you on what to do next and how. Since we started cooperation with KPMG, big changes have been taking place at our firm – for the better. After this experience, I will be happy to pay for additional mentoring classes.

Petr Světlík