Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group, Ondřej Pilař – vedoucí odboru provizí

Be an Insurance Company CEO for a Day: A very good and sophisticated game. I recommend increasing price sensitivity; a high price of insurance not justified by higher costs guarantees very high profits – useful in games consisting of a small number of rounds (approx. up to eight rounds), where it will guarantee a win in the Equity category.

Ondřej Pilař
Head of the Commissions Department

OGResearch, s.r.o., David Vávra, jednatel společnosti

ISAE 3402 issues: Professional training sessions led by experienced lecturer Radka Haluzíková, who manages to quickly and efficiently pass on a whole range of information in the area of ISAE 3402. Her exceptional identification with our requirements in the field of education is highly appreciated. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have had no reasons whatsoever for any dissatisfaction. We are content with the course and the contents of the professional training, the selection of topics for individual groups of employees, practical examples and suitability for our company’s actual business activity, as well as the ability to promptly and flexibly adjust the topic according to real issues presented.

David Vávra
Jednatel společnosti