Climate change and risks from a regulatory perspective

Environment is one of the key areas of ESG. Climate change and related issues are reflected in many regulations. Having completed this course, you will have a better understanding of concepts such as climate risks, biodiversity, and the circular economy. We will look at your business in view of the risks, opportunities, or possible solutions that climate change brings.

Anna Vaníčková
Miroslava Prokešová
Zuzana Pokorná

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Course fee: 5 500,- CZK ex. VAT

Course 3 of the ESG: Comprehensive Overview module

Who are the intended participants?

  • Employees responsible for sustainability and ESG management
  • Persons responsible for financial and non-financial reporting and investor relations
  • Persons responsible for risk management, internal audit, and compliance
  • Employees across company divisions/departments who are or want to be involved in ESG and sustainability
  • Senior management


  • Climate change, climate risks, biodiversity
  • Regulations, international commitments, and strategic documents
  • Circular economy