Third-party due diligence as an auxiliary tool in fraud prevention and investigation

We will present to you an effective due diligence methodology that can be applied to suppliers, business partners, employees and other subjects to identify their strengths, weaknesses, reputation and any information essential in a business relationship. We will acquaint you with various information sources and current trends as well as the pitfalls of searching for information on the web.

Maroš Holodňák

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Course fee: 7 200,- CZK ex. VAT

Who are the intended participants?

  • Procurement staff who need to make the supplier and business partner selection process more effective.
  • HR staff involved in recruitment.
  • Investigators and internal auditors who search for information about suspicious companies or persons.
  • Everyone who wants to improve their entrepreneurial activities by gaining sufficient information about the  business partners.


  • Various types of information and their importance in business relations.
  • Options of searching the web, media profiles.
  • Usability of information found in respect of individual types of business relations.
  • Systematisation and documentation of data and information found.


After completing the course, you will:

  • Be able to identify risk factors in respect of your potential business partners and suppliers.
  • Get the chance to reduce the risk of fraud or corruption on part of your suppliers and employees.
  • Know how to obtain information vital for your business decisions.