1. Banking regulations for the provision and monitoring of credit

GENERAL SECTION – Module I: Credit analysts: within the context of bank lending practices

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Who are the intended participants?

  • Corporate credit analysts (with short-term experience)
  • Corporate credit analysts (advanced modules for experienced staff)
  • Relationship managers in corporate departments
  • Risk management staff involved in the evaluation and approval of corporate loans


  • Internal governance and management systems for the granting and monitoring of loans
    • Risk management culture and risk appetite
    • Environmental and social factors (ESG)
    • Internal review and remuneration
  • Lending procedures
    • Information and documentation
    • Borrower creditworthiness assessment
    • Financial and business model analysis requirements
    • Basic principles of ratings and statistical approval models
  • Loan pricing
    • Assessment of all relevant costs
    • Examples of simple pricing models
  • Evaluation of immovable and movable assets
    • At origination, monitoring and revaluation
    • Criteria for appraisers
    • Criteria for statistical models for valuation
  • Overall monitoring
    • Monitoring of credit exposures and borrowers
    • Early warning indicators

Each course can be certified separately based on participation.

The total fee for the training programme (courses 1 to 6) is CZK 20 000 excl. VAT.

We hope to be able to meet you in person. The capacity of the participants has been limited so that we can observe the necessary hygiene measures. Nonetheless, if the event cannot take place due to unfavourable epidemiological developments, we are ready to organise it in the form of a webinar.


1. Banking regulations for the provision and monitoring of credit

Course fee: 3 800,- CZK ex. VAT
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