Employee experience management

As we manage the expectations and experience of our customers, today, great emphasis has been put on the positive experience of our employees. Only in this manner can we provide the best services and create competitive products.

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This interactive training will show you methods for how to transform employee experience using a from-the-outside-in perspective, i.e. as you would like the market and your customers to see you, focusing on what your employees need to deliver such an experience.

Who are the intended participants?

  • HR professionals of all specialisations
  • Persons responsible for employee satisfaction
  • Managers who want to know what employee experience is and how to effective deal with it


Module 1: Employee experience measurement

  • What is employee experience (EX)
  • Why do we want to manage EX
  • Difference between internal and external customers
  • Employee experience methodology measurement
  • Case studies

Module 2: Employee experience transformation

  • Employee journey mapping
  • Difference between procedural and employee viewpoints
  • Working with people and the empathy map
  • Touchpoints, qualitative analysis


You will:

  • Understand how employee experience affects customer experience and, ultimately, business results
  • Learn to map employee experience and effectively transform it through practical exercises
  • See how other manage employee experience
  • Learn to use KPMG’s methodology well-proven all over the world

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Employee experience management

Course fee: 6 800,- CZK ex. VAT
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