The audit and preparation of annual reports for non-profit organisations

You will obtain all the information necessary for both the successful publication of a non-profit organisation’s annual report and the preparation and smooth performance of a potential audit.

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Who are the intended participants?

Employees of non-profit organisations who are involved in:

  • completing their organisation’s annual reports and/or activity reports,
  • preparing the supporting materials required to audit the organisation.


  • The legislative framework for maintaining the accounts of and auditing non-profit organisations.
  • Description of an audit and the specifics of auditing non-profit organisations.
  • Interpretation of rules concerning the preparation of annual reports.
  • Preparation of an annual report – its content (structure of the annual report, report on an organisation’s activity, preparation of the supporting materials required to compile an annual report).
  • Publication of annual reports.
  • The annual report as a tool for developing relations with the public and donors.


  • You will become acquainted with the statutory requirements and key aspects relating to an audit of non-profit entities.
  • We will also familiarise you with the rules for preparing an annual report and its content requirements, including financial statements, their layout and overall presentation.

The audit and preparation of annual reports for non-profit organisations

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