Financial risk management for social enterprises

Get to know the basic principles of risk management within an entity – we will focus mainly on operational and financial risks. You won’t waste time reading financial statements but instead try to configure your business model and control mechanisms so that you may plan, predict and influence the financial health of your company in a timely fashion.

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Who are the intended participants:

  • Managers of social enterprises who want to understand where the value of their company is formed and how they can positively influence it.
  • Executives of social enterprises who need to configure their company’s control mechanisms for financial risk management and who want to learn how to control the key indicators of their business activity and to plan and influence their development.


  • Prerequisites for the achievement of the goals of social enterprises (a clear vision of the product or service and of the target group of clients).
  • Principles for the setting of fixed and variable expenses.
  • Principles of margin calculation.
  • Basics of financial analysis.
  • Using logic in calculations business case.
  • Working capital and cash flow.
  • Control mechanisms and supportive reports from economic systems.
  • Hands-on exercises.


During the course, you will:

  • Get to know basic terms from the area of risk management and operational and financial controlling.
  • Understand the use of logic in calculations business case.
  • Consider the concrete goals of your social entrepreneurship. You will be able to apply your new-found knowledge in deciding and managing your social enterprise’s development activities.


Financial risk management for social enterprises: Since attending your training course, we have started reorganising the firm’s entire operation. We hired an accountant and started reviewing everything from the ground up and putting everything in order. Previously, we only used an external accountant. We now calculate expenses and revenues, and allocate costs to individual products. We monitor how long it takes to manufacture each product, etc. We are reorganising work procedures and so forth. I know, six years after the firm’s establishment, it may seem a bit late, but it was your course that finally opened my eyes. What’s more, we managed to obtain three new customers.

CHRPA sociální firma Slezské diakonie o.p.s., Petr Světlík, ředitel
Petr Světlík, Director

Financial risk management for social enterprises

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