Customer relations for social enterprises

During the second instalment of our series of trainings for social enterprises we will focus on ways to realise an enterprise’s business strategy, on working with clients and the establishment of business relationships, on how to stand out among the competition and on tools which can be of help.

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Who are the intended participants:

  • All who are devoted to commercial activities within a social enterprise and who come into contact with clients and offer goods or services and feel it in their power to influence them .


  • Let’s get inspired by what we like.
  • How important is a clear vision of the company for client contact?
  • Who are my clients and what are their needs?
  • What value do I offer to clients and how do I differ from other providers?
  • Customer experience and what influences it.
  • The establishment, development and maintenance of client relationships.
  • Do we need a CRM system?
  • Marketing of social enterprises.
  • Case study.


By participation in the training course, you will:

  • Gain inspiration for the improvement of client relationships and your company’s business results.
  • Thanks to the use of practical examples get a clear idea of how to sell your products and services.
  • Get feedback on your plans by other course participants.
  • Learn that there is no single correct solution – and that’s why we take you specific situation into consideration to help you define your own unique client approach.

Customer relations for social enterprises

Course fee: free-of-charge
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