EU taxonomy

The European Commission has published the requirements for the four other objectives. In addition to mitigating and adapting to climate change, companies will now have to address targets related to protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems, using water and marine resources, reducing pollution, and moving to a circular economy.

Anna Vaníčková
Miroslava Prokešová
Zuzana Pokorná

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Through the training course, you will learn who is affected by the regulation, what its purpose is, and how and what is/will be required to be reported.

Course 2 of the ESG Topics in Detail module

Who are the intended participants?

  • Employees responsible for sustainability and ESG management
  • Persons responsible for financial and non-financial reporting and investor relations
  • Persons responsible for risk management, internal audit, and compliance
  • Employees across company divisions/departments who are or want to be involved in ESG and sustainability
  • Senior management


  • Explanation of regulation, purpose, and context
  • Individual regulatory objectives and their requirements
  • EU taxonomy from a banking perspective
  • Practical examples and tips