IFRS 16: reporting leases under IFRS – fundamentals

IFRS 16 is relevant if a company has entered into a lease contract (including an office space lease) with a lease term of more than one year. Do you know how to reflect a lease contract in the financial statements under IFRS? Are you a lessor or a lessee? Are you wondering what a right of use and a lease liability are, and how to determine their value? Then this training has been designed especial

Using practical examples, the training course will show you the effects of concluding a lease contract and a potential price increase due to indexation on the lessee's statements (recognition of the right of use and its subsequent depreciation, recognition of a liability from lease contracts). We will provide a summary of the guidance for lessors (finance vs. operating lease) as well as of matters connected with sub-leases.
If you are interested in other issues related to the reporting of leases (indefinite-term contracts, amendments to lease contracts, sale and subsequent lease, determination of the discount rate), take a look at the follow-up training course, IFRS 16 – complex issues.

Who are the intended participants?

  • Employees of companies that report to a group under IFRS or prepare financial statements under IFRS
  • CFOs
  • Accountants accounting for assets acquired in form of a lease
  • Controlling employees preparing financial plans or interpreting results
  • Managers who make decisions on the method of acquiring fixed assets and constructing lease contracts
  • Anyone who needs to understand the logic of reporting leases under IFRS (investors, financial analysts, etc.)


  • Lease regulations under IFRS 16: explanation of the main concepts, including the discount rate used and the determination of the lease term
  • Lessee accounting under IFRS 16
  • Lessor accounting under IFRS 16 (including sub-leases)
  • Examples (entering into a contract, indexation for inflation clause)
  • Differences in CAS and IFRS reporting with respect to lease reporting (EBITDA, indebtedness)


During the course, you will:

  • Understand the basic principles of reporting lease contracts under IFRS 16
  • Become able to evaluate the potential effects of concluded lease contracts on the company's financial statements (indebtedness, EBITDA)
  • Understand the difference compared with Czech accounting

IFRS 16: reporting leases under IFRS – fundamentals

30. 11. 2023 09:00–12:30
WEBINÁŘ – Microsoft Teams
Course fee: 4 000,- CZK ex. VAT
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For attending this training course, you are eligible to gain 4 of CPD points.

The fee includes training materials. The training will be conducted in Czech.

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