IFRS 9 for corporate clients

The International Financial Reporting Standard IFRS 9 introduces basic changes to the classification, measurement, impairment and hedge accounting treatment of financial instruments. The course provides a general overview of IFRS 9 to everyone working with financial instruments, irrespective of their line of business. Increased attention is paid to the measurement and impairment of receivables.

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Who are the intended participants?

  • Managers of financial, planning and controlling departments from non-financial sectors.
  • Employees of accounting and controlling departments who participate in the preparation of financial statements under IFRS.
  • Employees responsible for the preparation and analysis of financial plans and reports.


  • Overview of new classifications of assets and liabilities under IFRS 9.
  • Definition of business models, determination methods and set up options in companies.
  • Instrument requirements (principal and interest payments) and example analyses of various instruments.
  • Practical issues in the analysis of financial instruments.
  • Overview of impairment using the expected credit loss method.
  • Simplified impairment approach for trade receivables.
  • Overview of hedge accounting changes according to IFRS 9 and arguments concerning the transition to new rules.
  • Wider impacts of the standard within a company – set up of systems and processes, data requirements.


During the course, you will:

  • Gain an overview of the impacts of IFRS 9 on corporate financial information.
  • Acquire practical knowledge for the classification of individual types of assets and liabilities according to IFRS 9.
  • Get to know the impact of the expected credit loss model on reported company results.
  • Familiarise yourself with the issues associated with a company-wide transition to IFRS 9.
  • Grasp the scope of necessary changes to data requirements, systems and processes for operations in line with the new standard.

IFRS 9 for corporate clients

Course fee: 3 800,- CZK ex. VAT
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