Conversion to another functional currency – individual workshop

This individual workshop is designed for companies that are converting to another functional currency or are considering a conversion. The workshop addresses procedural as well as professional aspects; it will give you a quick general overview of this complex matter and thus enable you to make strategic decisions in the area of functional currency conversion.

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Course fee: agreed on an individual basis

Who are the intended participants?

  • Management, CFOs and other key personnel making decisions on strategic corporate matters.


  • Conditions underlying the conversion to another functional currency.
  • Process of conversion to another functional currency.
  • Options of functional currency conversion: outsourcing, own resources, combination of resources.
  • Software solutions of the conversion to another functional currency: software solutions enabling the application of one or two sets of accounting principles (i.e. either CAS or IFRS, or both, respectively), Excel solution.
  • We will draft a detailed timetable and a workshop structure tailored to your needs.


After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Assess the duty to convert to another functional currency.
  • Assess the benefits and cost-efficiency of various ways of converting to another functional currency.
  • Define the advantages and drawbacks of individual software solutions.
  • Assess the benefits or risks of the impacts of strategic decisions upon your company.
  • Choose a suitable solution for your current situation.