Conflict of interest in theory and practice

Under the pressure of conflicting interests, employees, managers or statutory body members sometimes make decisions that may not always be beneficial for the company. During the course, participants will get to know the issue of conflict of interest, its ethical and legal aspects, and possible effects.

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Participants will also be provided with an overview of conflict-of-interest prevention tools and possible ways to respond. In addition to theoretical issues, the course also contains numerous practical examples.

Who are the intended course participants?

  • Statutory body members of companies.
  • Compliance, legal, HR or supervisory department employees.
  • Senior employees at all management levels.


  • Legal and ethical aspects of conflict of interest.
  • Legal entities representation and due managerial care.
  • Conflict of interest of the representatives and the represented, statutory body members, employees.
  • Managing conflict of interest – prevention and detection tools.
  • Practical examples of conflicts of interest and their resolution.


During the course, you will:

  • identify potential and actual conflicts of interest
  • get to know the main legal and ethical effects and assess their seriousness
  • understand the process of implementing conflict of interest policies into the company
  • learn to respond when conflicts of interest arise.

Conflict of interest in theory and practice

Course fee: 5 000,- CZK ex. VAT
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