New IFR/IFD prudential regulation for investment firms and its impact

Do you need to effectively find your bearings in the new prudential regulation for investment firms? Do you want to get a quick overview of the new capital adequacy concept and other requirements on investment firms?

Šimon Kolář

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Course fee: 7 500,- CZK ex. VAT

Are you interested in news resulting from already implemented accompanying materials or from those which are now being implemented or under preparation? Would you like to consult any unclarities with experts? Do you need to quickly and effectively understand the effects of the new regulation and regulatory requirements on reporting?

Who are the intended participants?

  • Risk management, finance, and regulatory reporting department employees and managers of investment firms and securities traders.


  • Presentation of IFR (Investment Firm Regulation) and IFD (Investment Firm Directive) in the context of CRR and CRD, mutual interface of these regulations, and accompanying materials (RTS and ITS).
  • Division of investment firms and securities traders and related requirements of IFR/IFD into individual classes, basic principles of capital adequacy calculation under IFR (capital, permanent minimum capital requirement, fixed overheads, K-factors).
  • Explanation of calculation method for permanent minimum capital requirement and fixed overheads.
  • Presentation of K-factors and their individual categories (risk for customer, risk for market, risk for firm) and segments (assets under management, net risk exposure, concentration risk, …).
  • Presentation of liquidity requirements.
  • Presentation of IFD directive and basic areas of regulation (remuneration, governance, risk management, …).
  • Explanation of related regulatory reports (threshold test, 2nd class IP reporting, 3rd class IP reporting, group capital test).


During the course, you will:

  • get acquainted with the IFR regulation and IFD directive and understand their interface with the CRR regulation and CRD directive
  • obtain an overview of the capital adequacy concept for investment firms and individual calculation items
  • get the opportunity to discuss the effects of these regulations and directives and any methodological unclarities with experts participating in the implementation of IFR/IFD in investment firms operating on the Czech market.

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