Detecting fraud in the financial sector

You will become acquainted with various types of fraud (both internal and external) that may occur in the financial sector. You will learn about our experience acquired during investigations, as well as about tools that help effectively prevent fraud. Where fraud does occur, you will know how to respond to it effectively so that it does not happen again in the future.

Maroš Holodňák

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Course fee: 7 200,- CZK ex. VAT

Who is the course intended for?

  • Internal auditors seeking to develop awareness of the types of fraud which they might encounter in conducting audits.
  • Internal control staff (e.g. risk management and compliance personnel) that are involved in designing and monitoring the internal control environment within their respective companies.
  • Front-office managers who are exposed to the risk of fraud by clients and employees as part of their day-to-day activities.


  • The course combines relevant theory with a discussion of the current trends in fraud and hands-on case studies.
  • You will first become acquainted with the issue of fraud and the importance of fraud risk management in the financial sector, including potential financial implications.
  • You will learn about the individual types of fraud in the financial sector and the latest trends in this field. Each topic will start off with related theory, followed by a case study that will let you practice relevant fraud detection techniques. Finally, you will be provided with a summary of fraud prevention measures and areas susceptible to fraud.
  • You will also discover the specific aspects of the roles of internal auditor, controller or manager in preventing and detecting possible fraud.


You will be able to:

  • prevent fraud and related losses in your company more effectively.
  • identify risk factors indicating possible fraud in a timely manner.
  • effectively investigate fraud and adopt appropriate corrective measures to prevent further damage to your financial institution.