How to give change a chance and manage it successfully

The success of your HR activities depends on your ability to manage related changes. During the half-day course you will learn how to systematically manage change, beginning with its analysis to communicating with key partners and your employees, on to change implementation and sustainability from the viewpoint and through HR’s involvement in change management.

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Who are the intended participants?

  • HR department representatives.
  • Executives and specialists of marketing and communications departments.
  • Executives responsible for project implementation and project managers.


  • Active change management and the assurance of its sustainability as one of the keys to a company’s success.
  • Creating change vision and strategy.
  • Analysis of change-related risks.
  • Involvement and role of key employees responsible for change management.
  • Change implementation and integration within a company.
  • Getting staff to accept and adopt changes.
  • Implementation and integration of change throughout the organisation.


In the course of our training you will:

  • Learn about the role of the HR department in successful change management and communication.
  • Get helpful tips on how to ensure the sustainability of implemented changes.

How to give change a chance and manage it successfully

Course fee: 2 400,- CZK ex. VAT
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