Be an insurance company CEO for a day

Do you have any idea how to run an insurance company? Come take a break and put yourself in the shoes of an insurance company CEO for a while. At the start of the game, you and the other players will all be in the same position so theoretically all of you can achieve similar results. The opposite will come true, however...

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All things are related OR insurance company management needs clear decisions


Players on the teams representing individual insurers on the car and property insurance market can be:

  • Professionals from various fields, wanting to find out how insurance companies and the entire insurance system works;
  • Junior insurance experts, who would like to understand the underlying core relationships between a company’s key performance indicators and to come to see an insurance company as a living organism;
  • Senior insurance experts, who would like to test the efficiency of their market strategies in a highly competitive environment;
  • Insurance business newcomers, for whom we will prepare an introductory seminar where we will introduce them to the industry’s core relationships and indicators.

The rules of the game or how it works

At the start, you and the other insurance companies are in the same starting position. With the sustainable development of your company in mind, you should try as hard as you can to make the most of the invested funds and, at the same time, to obtain an adequate market share. You are the one who actually runs the company in this game. The decisions you and the other players make have a direct impact on your profit and market share. In the course of several hours you will live through the cycle that a real insurance company usually completes in a tough market environment in five to ten years. The team with the best results at the end is the winner.

You will have fun playing the game even though reality will be simulated quite faithfully. You will select your strategy, set the price of individual products and decide where to invest any available capital. At the same time you will have to face real life challenges. You react to existing market risks, price wars and your competitors’ goals, changes on financial markets or unexpected natural disasters.

Game elements

  • Motor vehicle and property insurance.
  • Sales support and customer service.
  • Distribution network remuneration scheme.
  • Impact of insured losses and damage management.
  • Reinsurance – risk management.
  • Investments – liquidity management.
  • Insurance company financial management – increasing the value of the company (i.e. its equity).
  • Market influence – competitive environment, position of the company on the market.

Course of the game

During the game you will make decisions on:

  • The price of insurance products and services.
  • Investment costs.
  • The quality of services provided.
  • Customer orientation.
  • Data collection and management.
  • Reinsurance.
  • Allocation of funds.

The benefits of the game

Playing the game, you will:

  • Acquire up to 15 years of financial experience and get an overview of how to run an insurance company in a competitive environment.
  • Realise which factors have an impact on middle and top management.
  • Gain an understanding of key performance indicators in the insurance industry.
  • Receive first-hand experience going through several economic cycles. You will face actual real-life situations that have occurred in the past.
  • Learn from each other – you will discuss topics with your colleagues and employees of other companies in the industry. Watching other players, you will see why they are doing better/worse than you.
  • Try to manage profitability and sustainable development while at the same time expanding your market share.

Before you start playing the game

  • The entry fee is set upon agreement and includes study materials and refreshments.
  • The training is provided in Czech or English and is also suitable as a teambuilding activity.
  • We will take care of the refreshment and all tools required for the game.

Add-ons and game expansions

Upon request, we will prepare a tailor-made workshop, lasting for half a day to two days.

The game can be played in various forms depending of the type of participants. It can take the form of initial training for newcomers and include a presentation on the theory of how an insurance company works and an explanation of terminology before the game starts. But it can also be a highly strategic game for management as a teambuilding activity in a company.

The game can be played on a regional basis and include foreign colleagues working in the Czech Republic or abroad. It can be played on or off line – foreigners could then send their calculations via various communications media.

What players have said about the game:

  • A great combination of simplicity and efficiency.
  • Excellent game, I enjoyed it. We were profitable for the first time in three years but unintentionally. 
  • What I found most interesting was to see the immediate impacts of our decisions.
  • The game was fun, educational and in many aspects also realistic. What I found most interesting was how important company-wide management is instead of just the management of a single insurance segment.
  • What I enjoyed the most was the interactivity of the whole game and the decision-making parts.


Be an Insurance Company CEO for a Day: A very good and sophisticated game. I recommend increasing price sensitivity; a high price of insurance not justified by higher costs guarantees very high profits – useful in games consisting of a small number of rounds (approx. up to eight rounds), where it will guarantee a win in the Equity category.

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group, Ondřej Pilař
Ondřej Pilař, Head of the Commissions Department

Be an Insurance Company CEO for a Day: An elaborate game that is excellent for gaining experience in making decisions on an insurance company’s strategy, including the ensuing financial result. I recommend playing this game with sales people and agents, too. It’s a pity that it only covers non-life insurance. I recommend expanding the game to include other insurance companies as well.

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group, Hynek Vodička
Hynek Vodička, Audit Committee – independent member

Be an Insurance Company CEO for a Day: The game impressed with its quick presentation of results and a very entertaining drawing of market scenarios and disasters. Although the extent to which each “setting” affected market shares and costs was not very clear, this added an exciting element of surprise. Subsequently, after several interactions, the impact could be estimated.

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group, Michal Novotný
Michal Novotný, Head of the Accounting Department

Be an insurance company CEO for a day

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