The setting, optimisation and assessment of CSR strategy

CSR is not necessarily only a manifestation of a company’s altruism or a its marketing tool. Join the growing number of companies who see CSR as a means to achieve sustainability and as a development tool to be implemented in their business activities.

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Who are the intended participants?

  • Members of management who are interested in a more effective appreciation of the funds invested into CSR activities.
  • Marketing, PR and CSR managers.
  • Other employees in charge of the setup or implementation of a new CSR strategy or of its update.


  • How can the effects and connections of your company´s operations in the market be assessed?
  • How can a high-quality and sustainable CSR strategy which will support your business be set and implemented?
  • How can the effects of your CSR projects be measured and monitored?
  • Examples of CSR strategies both from the Czech Republic and abroad and the lessons which can be learnt from them.
  • Existing methods for the impact assessment of CSR activities.


You will:

  • Learn how to make your company socially beneficial, visible and how to contribute to the development and sustainability of your business at the same time.
  • Learn effective methods for setting, managing and evaluating CSR strategies.
  • Gain new inputs for supporting the effectiveness of investments in CSR activities.
  • Be inspired by CSR strategies both from the Czech Republic and abroad.

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  • Three sessions: 10% discount on the price of all sessions

The setting, optimisation and assessment of CSR strategy

Course fee: 1 500,- CZK ex. VAT
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