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The regulation of banks prescribes new rules and procedures for the provision of credit. Capital adequacy rules determine the cost of credit from a regulatory capital perspective. The complexity of transactions is growing, and client requirements are increasing, also in view of the new economic environment (e.g. start-ups and the new economy). Information from clients may be inaccurate, non-transparent or manipulated.

The aim of the training programme is to expand the knowledge of credit analysts and other bank employees who take part in the evaluation and approval of corporate loans. It is no longer enough for a credit analyst or relationship manager to only have basic knowledge of corporate financial analysis.

In addition to gaining specific knowledge for the evaluation of corporate financial statements, participants in the programme will gain an overview of the requirements for the bank's operations from a risk and capital management perspective. Credit analysts and other bank employees will thus be much better equipped to deal with clients, their risk management department, and regulatory requirements and questions.

Our training programme will enable participants to detect manipulations of financial statements, uncover the reasons for including individual loan parameters in the calculation of the cost of risk (including the cost of capital) and provide an overview of the activities and processes involved in the bank's lending practice.  

Programme structure:

Module I: Credit analysts: within the context of bank lending practices

       1: Banking regulations for the provision and monitoring of credit
       2: Quantitative credit risk management requirements

Module II: Basic principles of financial statement analysis and manipulation
       3: Analysis of financial statements
       4: Manipulation of financial statements
       5: Manipulation of historical financial information and plans

Modul III: Products offered to corporate clients
       6: Characteristics of banking products

       7: Consolidation in financial reporting
       8: Forensic analysis of financial statements and manipulation of financial statements
       9: Banking products in corporate financial statements

Individual courses can be certified separately based on participation.

The total fee for the training programme (courses 1 to 6) is CZK 23 000 excl. VAT.


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