IFRS SPECIALIST – KPMG certified training programme

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This comprehensive educational programme in the Czech language will help to understand the basic principles of reporting (accounting) in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and provide numerous examples.

Our concept of dividing the training into individual modules allows you to either choose the topics that are relevant to you or to complete the entire programme gradually and thus familiarise yourself with IFRS from A to Z.

The programme aims to offer information on the IFRS concept and to provide an overview of the most frequently used standards at the level of detail required for routine practice. We will help you understand the logics of individual standards and their mutual linkage. We will not only focus on recognition in financial statements, but also on the recognition of everyday transactions in line with IFRS requirements.

Our comprehensive training programme is primarily designed for finance and accounting department staff beginning to learn the basics of IFRS.

Each module contains individual courses that will guide you through the selected topic. Each course contains a series of simple examples to help you understand the topic. Modules conclude with a wrap-up refresher course that focuses on solving a series of specific practical examples, giving you the opportunity to practice the knowledge you obtained and get a better understanding of IFRS.

Thanks to our intensive programme, you will learn to use IFRS in practice.

Programme structure:

A. Basic module

  1. Introduction to IFRS
  2. Introduction to property standards including the recognition of lease agreements
  3. Basic standards for trade and manufacture (revenues, inventories, provisions, subsidies)
  4. Wrap-up

B. Specialised module

  1. Introduction to financial instruments for the business sector
  2. Introduction to reporting and consolidation
  3. Other standards frequently used in the preparation of financial statements (impairment, borrowing costs, subsequent events, accounting methods)
  4. Deferred tax including the calculation of effective tax rate
  5. Wrap-up

C. Segment module – selected standards in more detail

  1. Retail
  2. Manufacturing companies
  3. Real estate
  4. Leasing companies

D. Specific topics

  1. Consolidation
  2. Preparation of cash flow statement
  3. Hedge accounting

 The IFRS specialist programme concludes with a written exam.

Conditions for obtaining a certificate:

  • Basic module
    • Completion of three mandatory courses and a successfully completed exam
  • Specialised module
    • Completion of four mandatory courses and a successfully completed exam

The total fee for the IFRS specialist programme (basic module – 3 courses and wrap-up; and specialised module – 4 courses and wrap-up) is CZK 48,500 excluding VAT.
The fee for the basic module (3 courses and wrap-up) is CZK 22,000 excluding VAT.
The fee for the specialised module (4 courses and wrap-up) is CZK 26,500 excluding VAT.

Individual courses can be certified separately, based on participation:

  • The fee for a daily course taking place from 9am to 1:30pm is CZK 5 200 excluding VAT.
  • The fee for a daily course taking place from 9am to 4:30pm is CZK 7 200 excluding VAT.

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