Martin Matějka

Martin focuses on data utilisation projects that require knowledge of business-related as well as technical topics. This primarily includes projects relating to data warehousing, data quality (and related governance) and reporting. Among other things, Martin is versed in various database systems, modelling notations, support tools and programming (and other types of) languages. He has been working in Management Consulting for five years. Previously, he held several technical roles (programmer, server administrator), as well as a position in the problem management department of a major telco operator.

Currently scheduled training courses
HR data – analysis and reporting
HR data – analysis and reporting

9. 11. 2021 (6 800,- CZK)
Decision-making based on data rather than intuition may be applied in managing human resources as well. Analysing HR data will help you identify opportunities for improving existing processes and procedures. The training course focuses on the principles of systematically working with data, the definition of HR metrics, and the technical knowledge required for basic data analysis.
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