How to transform customer experience

Ours is the age of the customer. Today’s customers expect more for less and price is not always the deciding factor. Experience is the buzzword, talked about in boardrooms and Facebook, watched on YouTube. But what does customer experience really mean? Can it be measured? Managed? Transformed? These are questions we would like to address during this interactive training course.

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Within the two-day programme, we will introduce you to our approach to the transformation of customer experience. In a case study, together we will apply the Six Pillars® of great customer experience.

Programme agenda:

  • What is customer experience (CX)? How does it affect your business?
  • Principles of good customer experience
  • Different customer types
  • Mapping your customer’s journey
  • Identification and prioritisation of approaches
  • Design and implementation of new experiences
  • Measuring CX

Who are the intended participants?

  • People responsible for customer experience or customer service quality.
  • Managers eager to find out what customer experience is all about and how to work with it more effectively.
  • All wanting to improve their customers’ experience.
  • All others wanting to develop professionally as well as personally.


After completing the course, you will:

  • Understand of the context of customer experience and its effects on your business.
  • Grasp the main principles of customer experience. You will find out what factors influence customer experience and how to take full advantage of them.
  • Appreciate how others deal with customer experience.
  • Learn to effectively map and transform customer experience. And you will get to practice your newfound knowledge.
  • Understand how customer experience influences the functioning of a business and its internal changes in processes, systems, people and data.

Why choose KPMG for CX training?

  • Our training programme is founded on KPMG’s global methodology and has been tested on numerous projects around the globe.
  • The programme is entertaining and brings tangible benefits. Our average Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 70.

How to transform customer experience

Course fee: 19 500,- CZK ex. VAT
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